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Julia Geiser | on Tumblr

Julia Geiser (Switzerland)
Julia Geiser‘s collage aesthetic follows the well worn path of many collage artists; the use of vintage images, elements of sci-fi, animal hybrids and so on but there it stops, finishes and Geiser heads off on a twisted macabre tangent. Geiser loves the darkness, or perhaps its Japanese food she has a passion for because nearly every image is carefully sliced and diced, ready for serving, beautifully composed and presented. And if it’s not slicing and dicing it’s something equally bizarre. Geiser does more than present people as sashimi but it remains the clearest example of her strange imagination and if you look through her portfolio you’ll quickly realise that all her work is executed with aplomb in a style that is all of her own. (source: Mutantspace)
[more Julia Geiser | artist found at darksilenceinsuburbia]


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