staged-photography: Bertrand Noël From his series On Religious...


Bertrand Noël

From his series On Religious Beliefs

Bertrand Noël lives in Paris, France. In 2012 his series Pictures for Women won the SFR Young Talents price at the Rencontres d’Arles 2012. 

As photographer Bertrand Noel explains on his website, religious iconography has provided substantial influence, and allow him to approach the evolution of the photographic medium through Art History. “Thus, these representations are the result of an accumulation of an overlay, textures, references and history and seek to resonate with the place today in the image of the company.” The imagery relies on baroque lighting and biblical imagery to create narrative images. The red circles around certain elements of the images are reminiscent of Yoram Roth’s Sacred & Profane series. 


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