Rouge dedans, peinture numérique signée par artiste Octave Pixel // Mise en vente de ce tableau par la galerie TACT // Notre concept : Proposer de l’art contemporain & de l’art numérique au MEILLEUR PRIX - Un tableau grand format 80x80cm à un prix de lancement de 150€ - VOIR le prix actuel de ce tableau sur

"We should have lived the past moment of an already forgotten present…" This mineral approach is a search in the layers of our unconscious modeled by the movements of the time. A certain shift generated sometimes the movement of a layer on another one. Both graphical and timeless, the scene seems compressed between the painted and not painted, letting out the duality intended by the author. Digital Painting, brushes on touchscreen.

Check out this great piece of art on Saatchi Art. Dévoiler by Octave Pixel

Camargue, peinture numérique signée par artiste Octave Pixel // “This bull who liked the blue …”

Sale by artist Octave pixels of this Original Painting 80x80cm, digital creation transferred to a Plexiglas artwork prestige Diasec signed with certificate of authenticity. A true contemporary painting with shades of colors Blue Gray Turquoise. This original and unique artwork has a record three times greater than your SCREEN, with quality and higher resolution than what your eye can see. Our innovative gallery is the first to sell digital abstract paintings created with a brush on a touch screen by a contemporary artist.